My CodeTactic was created for our clients.
Our project management platform allows for our clients to see their projects activities, tasks, comment, see deadlines, invoices, and more.

Everything in One Screen

Your Project Management

  • Your own Client’s Login
  • Overview of your project’s tasks
  • See all recent activity such as comments, tasks completed, etc.
  • Stay in touch with the team’s comments and feedback
  • See important dates and deadlines
  • Submit all necessary files and media all in one place
  • Easily review the entire project’s life in one screen
Our Tasks

Project's Tasks

  • See what the team is up to
  • Create or modify tasks for the project itself
  • Stay tuned of the completed tasks for your project
Always in the loop

Stay Tuned on Comments

  • Send comments for feedback
  • Stay Tuned of the activity and what team members say
  • Send your input at any time for the whole project team
All Invoices

One Place For All Invoices

  • See all invoices from past payments in one place
  • Pay for invoices easily when ready (online)
  • See future payments when reached the billing date
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