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Lyle Patel


Lyle Patel, Founder and CEO at CodeTactic’s Media Inc. He has over 30 years of experience in the internet technology and digital marketing space. He is recognized by his notable successes in the operations of many IT and startups. As the CEO and founder of Horizon DataSys – Lyle has incorporated internet technology and marketing in an industry that is highly technical and competitive. He brings this hybrid tenacity into Codetactic by asserting new technologies and “Tactic’s” (no pun intended) into our internet marketing arsenal. He also has a driven entrepreneurial spirit and is involved in many startups and business ventures. At CodeTactic he is mainly responsible for creating exposure with big brands, investment relations and the general brand exposure on the international market.


Sr. Account Executive

Gonzalo Ortiz de Zevallos, Senior Account Executive at CodeTactic Media Inc. With more than 8 years experience in software and development along with digital marketing services, Gonzalo previously served as Senior Account Executive at Horizon DataSys Corporation, a company specialized in cost effective computer protection software. Additionally, he is a bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) from Langara College and owns several years of experience in account managing.
At CodeTactic , Gonzalo is in charge of development, account management, and user interface experience services. Along with Oscar, Mark and the rest of the development team, they are responsible for assuring the client a high-quality valuable then compromised work. Gonzalo constantly promotes the development of new marketing skills for bringing a highly exclusive service to the clients.


Account Manager & Graphics

With over 5 years of experience in digital marketing services in Vancouver, Marcela is now a member of CodeTactic’s team and Is in charge of managing the Search Engine Optimization in our clients’ brands. Therefore, her main goal is to increase the client’s brand online reputation by wide spreading their offered services or products through different search engines, so they become high ranked in their resultant list. On the other hand, her several years of experience in online media services made her the perfect fit for writing outstanding press releases and blog articles about different trending topics in the digital media world.


Account Manager


Graphics & Development

Ana Claudia





Account Manager & Marketing

Carla has over 5 years of experience in social media marketing ,online reputation and content marketing. At CodeTactic she is responsible for the client’s social media marketing as well. Her work is mostly focused on boosting the client’s online reputation through different social networks, by making him/her popular in the international market. Mainly, she’s in charged with managing the client’s online presence, product marketing, and service advertising. On the other hand, as Marcela, she’s also responsible for writing blog articles about new trending digital marketing techniques or social media news about CodeTactic and our clients’ brands.


Social Media

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