Anywhere in USA & Canada.

We have the largest videographer network in North America. Wherever your project is between USA & Canada, we got you covered.

Strategy & Storytelling.

A video is a very powerful way to communicate. Our #VideoSquad specializes in short, story-driven films that help you make an authentic, meaningful connection.

Visualize Your Success.

91% of customers make purchasing decisions after viewing a video online. So it only makes sense that video marketing should be vital component of your online strategy.

Analytics & ROI.

The #VideoSquad delivers the best possible video for your brand, but it doesn’t stop there. Our #BuzzSquad will successfully get your video ranked on Google, YouTube and Vimeo.


Element H2O 90 Sec

Corporate video with 3 staff interviews and facility/office footage.

Difference Capital

Custom Video Production

Virgin Gaming 60 Sec

Virgin Gaming 60 Sec Profile Video Production


AutoWest BMW Custom Video Production

Cleveland Park Animal Hospital 30 Sec

Cleveland Park Animal Hospital 30 Seconds Profile Video

Dr. Bennett 90 Sec

Dr. Bennett Profile Video Production

Allied Oil Company

Custom Video for Allied Oil Company

Sedation Dentistry 30 Sec

Sedation Dentistry 30 Second Profile Video Production

Healthy Surprise 60 Sec

Healthy Surprise 60 Seconds Profile Video Production

New Sky Consulting 30 Sec

Profile Video Production

SeaSpan Shipyard

Custom Video Production

Custom Video Production

Water Ryte 60 Sec

Profile Video Production

LifeLearn 30 Sec

Profile Video Production

Rose Creek Builders 60 Sec

Profile Video Production

Chapman Law Firm 60 Sec

Profile Video Production

Windset Farm

Custom Video Production

Kenderine Dental 60 Sec

Profile Video Production

April Lean’s Home Cleaning

Custom Video Production


A direct and personal video ad driven by authentic, unscripted interviews with an owner or employees, combined with natural and engaging shots of the business in action..

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A professionally scripted and produced video ad that includes an on-camera message from a company spokesperson, combined with music, and engaging shots of your business, product or service in action.

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Narrated Voice Over.

A professionally scripted and produced video ad including a high-quality recorded voice over, combined with music and engaging shots of your business, product or service in action.

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Custom Video.

If your vision doesn’t align to one of our ad styles, work with a dedicated producer to develop your own. Any style, any length, anywhere, for any screen – web, mobile or television.

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