All Inclusive E-mail Marketing
No contracts. Monthly Growth.
Design+ Sending + Analytics


Every mass “send off” is handled as a campaign. Every campaign includes all services here.

All Industries.

The list and e-mail content differs based on your business and industry – We have worked with hundreds.


Every month we give a detailed report of our activity throughout the monthly plan.


What’s the ROI? We give you a plan on how to identify the return of investment on e-mail campaigns.

E-mail Designed.

If needed we design the e-mail for you with relevant and converting industry content.

No Contracts.

We don’t ask for contracts to be signed. Our work speaks for itself. The process is month to month.

Design & Developed

Design That Converts

E-mails are about content. If content is not designed in a way that attracts the user to engage with it, conversion rates will be very low. Your call to actions have to be visible, and big headers used to attract customers to offers, specials, etc. ROI is based on conversion of the campaign.

Analytics & Stats

Campaign Reports & Tracking

See how many people opened the e-mail, how many clicked on which part of the e-mail, when they saw it, what device they used, etc. All statistics that will help you and us make better decisions in future campaigns. All reports and analytics are included in every e-mail marketing plan.


How big is your e-mail list?

Do you need for us to design the E-mail?
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How often would you like to send campaigns out?
OnceDailyMonthlyQuarterlyNot Sure

Interested in other services as well?
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